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Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm on AIG's distribution list

I am not sure how it happened, but nonetheless:

"Earlier today, AIG announced an important policy change - one that we wanted to be sure you knew about.

A short time ago, our Chairman and CEO Ed Liddy said that he has ordered the immediate cancellation of all outside meetings, conferences, and recognition events across AIG, except those that are required by law or that are deemed absolutely critical to sustain our ongoing business needs.

Given AIG's commitment to our customers, business partners, regulators, and American taxpayers, coupled with the new and very different challenges our company now faces, we take these responsibilities extremely seriously. Their trust is critical to our success. We recognize the need to be sensitive about all company expenditures.

As we move forward, we will continue our focus our efforts to pay back the $85 billion loan from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your blog's efforts to share this information with your readers.


AIG Blog Relations"


That gives me an excuse to make this post, which is somewhat related:

Waxman vs. Fuld

Why are these CEOs not in prison?

I don't advocate violence, but I understand this:

Dick Fuld, the CEO of bankrupt investment bank Lehman Brothers, was punched in the face while working out in Lehman gym on the Sunday following the bankruptcy, according to CNBC's Vicki Ward.

Fuld testified before the House Oversight Committee yesterday, blaming everyone but himself for Lehman's collapse, an attitude that prompted Ward to confirm reports that he'd been punched in the face and to side with the attacker:

Ward reports, "From two very senior sources – one incredibly senior source – that he went to the gym after … Lehman was announced as going under. He was on a treadmill with a heart monitor on. Someone was in the corner, pumping iron and he walked over and he knocked him out cold. And frankly after having watched this, I’d have done the same too."

Waxman does a good job below (warning, you may want to vomit or throw something afterwards):



downtowntrader said...

I got the same frickin email. Not sure how I got on that list either, but funny that they labeled it "blog relations". I assumed it was spam at first, but I couldn't figure out who would send that and with what agenda.
Anyways, nice to see you posting again, and sweet trades on NQ.


Prospectus said...

Just checked my old RSS feeds and found that you're back!! Glad to have you back, especially at this time.

I'm trading futures now (well, was until the volatility exploded), and I'm incredibly interested in your new methods/setups for futures. Keep it coming!