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Friday, October 10, 2008

Volatility...what a day!

How is this for witchcraft (just like TA)?

10/10/02 - low in SPX and end of tech bear market
10/10/07 - all time high in SPX
10/10/08 - today

What does it mean? All I really know is some crazy shit seems to happen on this day. And I am marking my calendar for October 10th, 2009.

Here is a look at the DJI over the past 10 years (monthly view); the white line is 8,000.

10/10 SPX stats via the good people at Notable Calls



PRD trader said...

Bargain hunters r in the market!What do you reckon Trader-X?

Roger B. said...

That is amazing. I have not heard that before, though I knew October was always a "special" month.

Howard said...

Truly bizarre.

X, glad you are back. Looking forward to more on the futures, as I opened an account last month and am starting to dabble.

John said...

That is an amazing chart. I started trading in 2000, which your chart shows was a short-term top. Luckily I was in on the multi-year run.

It is devastating to see the damage done since the end of last year.

Great blog, I hope you stick around! We need the analysis and HUMOR these days!