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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend roundup

1.) Everyone should have their own "attitude index". What is an "attitude index"? Check out this post from Attitude Trader.

2.) Over the past few weeks, I have heard and read many funny things regarding TA. Here are a few from my notes:

"Given all of this volatility, technical analysis won't work"
"You can't apply technical analysis to indexes"
"We are down too far and it has made all technical indicators irrelevant"
"Chart reading only works in orderly markets, and not very good even then"
"There are no technical indicators you can apply to the action in the markets today"

There are a lot of things I don't understand - but I don't dismiss them or say they don't work just because I can't make them work. It amuses me that other people don't follow that same philosophy.

3.) A couple of photos that made me smile:


1 comment:

Attitude Trader said...


1.) Thanks for the plug! Glad you see some value in the idea. Hope it at least gets someone else thinking and maybe even helps. I think your site is a great representation of that - one I'd like to emulate.

2.) Hear hear! Criticism is a waste of time - it takes away from focusing on your own objectives - unless, of course, your objective is to criticize...I guess.

3A.) Love hot dogs! Don't eat them anymore, but love 'em.

3B.) Funny, I had to roll out my motorcade and do the same thing this morning after you plugged my site and made me (even more, of course) popular.

Have a good weekend.