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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ford - 121208

Ford gapped down and rallied off the low.

I entered a long position when price broke through the retracement zone and pulled back to test that level as support. I sold at the previous day's high.

Cheap stock, nice percentage gainer.

Speaking of Ford, I found this funny:



Attitude Trader said...

It's my fault.

My wife and I both have Ford's but my daughter wanted that damn VW Jetta so we got if for her.

It's only right that I cover the cost of the bailout...just give me a couple of days to come up with the cash.


anarco said...

Hi X~
Did you say in the past that you use various time frames? I was wondering if when you browse through charts during the trading session you actually look at a single stock in multiple time frames (displaying all at once in separate windows) or if you just have one time frame open.
Also, do you validate a potential entry by the action happening in other time frames?
Thanks in advance!