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Thursday, December 18, 2008

JEC - 121808

JEC was what I call a "no-brainer" - meaning it did not require a lot of thought.

It gapped above the previous day's high and quickly sold off, breaking through the retracement zone (RZ). Price pulled back to test that level as resistance (support becomes resistance), and printed a textbook doji. I entered a short on a break of that bar's low, and covered at the Fibonacci extension (FE).



anarco said...

This trade is a "no-brainer" for you and a "brain-stretcher" for me (LOL).

Two things helped me to better understand this trade:
1. To draw a fib line from the top of 1st bar to the bottom of the 2nd bar and see that the high of the trigger bar hits exactly the 50% retracement.
2. To see the trigger bar doji in the 5min chart. The three 5min bars that form the 15min doji are indeed very bearish.

In looking at the 15min bar, what made so confident that price would reverse at that point? Couldn't that doji be a pause? The previous two bars seemed to be building some upward momentum.

Thanks in advance!

PursuingWealth said...

Hey we switched places I rode it on the way up then got out, and it looks like you jumped in right when I got out.

Good trade and good post,


Anonymous said...

anarco you answered your own questions. Looking at the chart those bars were not building upward momentum, they were pulling back from the low and the morning collapse. There was major resistance overhead from the 50% on X's chart, not to mention it matched the same level on the morning's move. A doji more often signals reversal, so if you add it all up - a huge collapse through key support, a pullback into resistance from the morning's range and the pd's range, and a doji to cap off the pullback - all of that was very bearish.

Just my .02. FYI I took this trade too.


Anonymous said...

Nice short. What is your percentage of short to long trades?