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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Yes - resurrecting the "uptick rule" will solve all our problems!

The stupidity of people that make our laws and run our country (and corporations) amazes me.

"Members of Congress, T. Rowe Price Group Inc. and the head of NYSE Euronext blame the Securities and Exchange Commission’s 2007 decision to eliminate the regulation for contributing to the worst year for stocks since 1937. New York-based Morgan Stanley, Citigroup Inc. and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. blamed short sellers, who profit from declining stock prices, for spreading rumors that drove their shares to their lowest this decade."

No, that is absolutely false. Greed, corporate executives willing to take any risk (legal or illegal) to make money, and poorly run companies are to blame for the worst year for stocks since 1937.

I do not understand why news organizations - and I use the term "news organizations" loosely - continue to let these people deflect the blame from themselves to short-sellers.

Uptick Rule May Fail to Lift Stocks, Curb Volatility

edit - Mark Cuban agrees with me...



john said...

A return of the uptick rule will drive trading volume to indexes and derivatives and, with stocks even more the bitches of the indexes, will harm price discovery. Only floor traders stand to gain ...at the expense of the little guy.

The witch hunt continues ...hey, let's put Martha back in jail ...that'll be a good distraction.

Anonymous said...

I agree. That is absolutely ridiculous.


Ed said...

I didn't even know bringing back the uptick rule was being considered. There is always something trying to make our life harder.

steve said...

X Best blog ever. Thank You!

Do you keep your stops on your computer trading system which then sends it to the exchange floor immediately, or are your actual stops placed openly with your broker, where the market makers can see?.

Do you find that the market makers often "gun" for your stops?