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Friday, March 13, 2009

Jim Cramer on The Daily Show

I watched Stewart grill Cramer last night and was surprised at how Cramer acted. He took a beating, and hardly argued or disagreed. I am not sure what his (CNBC's?) strategy was here.

It is entertaining, nonetheless.

And make sure you read the post on "Good Karma" and RJ. I will post some charts over the weekend.



Steve said...

Stewart has the ability to bash Cramer but Cramer can't say that his network controls a lot of what happens on the show.

vp3434 said...


What do you think of a long entry on the break of the third bar high of ENER today? Thanks.

Zen said...

X, do you have any trading books you'd recommend? I am not a brand new trader (i.e. the Visual Investor is not what I need), but I have traded for over a year now with modest success and would like to take myself to the next level.


Trader-X said...

vp3434 - I like it, so much so that I traded it! It will probably be one of the charts I post over the weekend.

Trader-X said...

Zen, other than the TRADEthemove.com manual, no. I think you can get better info off blogs and the Internet.

armo70 said...

I traded ENER also, it was my only trade today, I'm trying to be disciplined, not overtrade and only take the best setups - ENER ticked all the boxes


vp3434 said...

Ahh, so I'm on the right track!

Now that you trade 10m charts, I'm wondering how you do things logistically. For a trade like ENER today, did you run your gap scans at 9:40, start scanning the results at 9:41, spot the ENER trade sometime before 10:00am, and then get your order ready as 10:01 rolls around? My TradeIdeas scan this morning came up with 60 gap downs and 149 gap ups so I was hoping you could talk about the timetable over which you scan and how many charts you scan. Thanks!

vp3434 said...


X did recommends some books in his post here:


Anonymous said...

The excerpts from "thestreet.com" were interesting so I sought it out and found the full video at youtube:


I would suggest everyone watch this! And with all the manipulation that was occurring during the "golden age", I wonder if there is enough $$$ left for the hedge funds to manipulate the markets? Or will fundamentals be back for a while to move the markets?

Zen said...

Great, thx guys