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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy 4th of July America

Tom C. should be back next week, and I will return sometime in July.

In the meantime, I ran across this video...hot women teaching technical analysis. This has to signal some kind of bottom. Or top. Or something.



AnthonyB said...


What can you say? You have to love this video. Adds a whole other dimension to trading. Would love to hear an options seminar on naked straddles.


Tony said...

Sounds complicated. I may need some private tutoring.

Karl said...

Funny X. For those of you who are swing traders, I was wondering if you ever used Dan Zanger's service, especially lately. Feedback?

Anonymous said...

I bet she likes her traders long and not short. ;)

Chad said...

She makes my stock rise! An Australian accent to boot!

Eyal said...

I saw that sometime you use the first 3 bars of the day to determine the Opening range and sometimes you use the previous day low to determine the ORL
how do you decide which method to use?

Trader-X said...

Eyal - Tom C. made a post on that a few back (last week).

Igal said...

hi trader X,
I read the revised strategy from Feb 2009.
I was wondering if you apply all the setups you metioned for both gaps.
meaning is the "deep pullback" applied only for gap downs and then few weak bars, then pull back to the 50% retrecement and then you take a short position with reversal
or also the oposite setup - for gap up -> few strong bars and then a pull back to the 50% and then you take a long on the reversal?

AnthonyB said...


Sorry for the late post. I've subscribed to Zanger's newsletter for years. He's VERY good. And I can't say that about many market writers. Zanger has a verifiable record also. You can learn a lot with him, like you can reading X. You can make money with him. It's like anything in this arena, you have to be obsessed with risk but also have the mental discipline to let your profits run. Zanger is different from X. He's not a daytrader. He trades the swing. Hope this helps. It's just my opinion. You should ask around and find out more. I don't listen to many people, but this blog and Zanger, in my opinion, have something to say.