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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tom C. - present and accounted for...

Posted by Tom C.

No, I did not attend Michael Jackson's funeral. But I did enjoy a great vacation. I am back and will continue making a few posts a week. I have to leave early today, so most likely you will not see anything from me until late tonight or tomorrow. I know there are probably comments I need to address too, and I will try to get to them over the next few days.

One of my goals that has been on my list for several months was to write my "Five Rules for Life". Readers of this site have most likely visited that site, and many have contributed their rules. I found it a useful exercise, and it led me to do some reflection and "soul-searching". You can read mine here, and do a search on the five rules site to read Trader-X's.

Five Rules For Life



Todd said...

Great rules Tom. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love the pyramid idea. Very helpful. Wonderful site.


Mike said...

I am impressed Tom C. Those are really insightful thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Nice, my problem is it is far easier to write them than to live by them.

: )


Ron said...

2 thumbs up. Good job. And now we know your last name.