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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Posted by Tom C.

I am starting off 2010 on a positive note, by reading through submissions on "Five Rules For Life". If you have time to kill in the next few days, it is a site worth exploring. And not just because myself, Trader-X, Dr. Brett Steenbarger, and other traders contributed - but because there are some good rules to think about and reflect on as you are planning out your new year (and new decade!).

Here are some good links, or just hit the home page and start reading through them all from the top:

My rules
Dr. Brett Steenbarger
Baron from ET
Compilation Post #1
Compliation Post #2

Have a safe and happy beginning to the new year!



Anonymous said...

Good rules Tom, very insightful. I hope a post on the 1st of the year means you are blogging fulltime.


Michael said...

Here is to wealth and prosperity in 2010!

Lance said...

Tom, good article on AAPL and a new product in January. Your position may have some more room to run:


Anonymous said...

It is a very motivational site. Thanks for sharing.