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Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday

Other than responding to a few comments, I haven't looked at the site too much this week. When I do my weekly review over the weekend, I'll pick a chart or two to post. Enjoy your Friday!



bl said...

X, a practicle question: how big is your monitor(diagnol), and how many charts do you put on a page, all 10min? Thanks

Times of Your Life said...

hahahahah Happy Friday to all the ppl too...

Trader-X said...

bl, I don't have multiple charts on a screen. I scroll through my watchlist one at a time, and the chart changes as I do. I can't multi-task well...if I had multiple charts on the screen I would probably just sit and stare and not be able to trade.

Also, these days I trade off a laptop...so my screen size is not big. It is a bigger laptop - an HP Pavilion - but compared to a desktop not very big.