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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is blogging dying?

Interesting stats from the latest Pew study:

"Compared to last year’s report, most of the activities Pew Internet has covered in its report have increased in popularity in all age groups, especially social networking, which is hardly surprising given Facebook’s stellar growth to 500 million users and beyond. Interestingly enough, blogging is not one of them, as only half as many online teens blog compared to 2006, while users aged 18-33 also blog less than before.

Overall, virtual worlds and blogging aren’t very popular in any age group, which probably indicates that tools such as Facebook and Twitter – which also enables users to express themselves online – have substituted blogging for many users. E-mail, on the other hand, has become nearly ubiquitous, even among adults aged 74 or over."




Jules said...

So is that where you've been yourself, on Facebook? :-)

Janet said...

I just think there is an overload of ways to communicate. Blog, website, facebook, twitter, tumblr. It is overwhelming sometimes.