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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Every day starts a new year!

Happy New Year!

There is a good post over on The T.A.D. Principle blog that is worth reading.



Attitude Trader said...

Happy New Year X (and Tom C!).

Thanks for all the years of sharing. Hope your current situation improves and best wishes for 2011.


Flowtastical said...

Happy New Year Trader X.

I wanted to ask about consistency in PNL. I'm doing very well with your method but my daily pnl fluctuates a bit.

Lets say an avg day is $1000. Do most of your days hover around $1000 or do you put up a few two hundred dollar days and a few two thousand dollar days.

I am experiencing positive daily pnls but the range is pretty wide like the second example.

My losing days have been relatively small which are generally 1/2 a positive day.