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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A few charts from comments

I won't be back to a normal posting schedule until the beginning of April, but I will try to make a few posts between now and then.

I pulled some charts of trades that were posted in comments, and marked the entries and exits (entries are a break of the trigger bar denoted with the arrow, exits are the black, dashed horizontal line). The Fibonacci lines are all plotted over the morning's opening range. Please click on the comments of the last few posts to read the analysis and other good discussions on setups.



Anonymous said...

Nice trades. I traded MOBI today on the 5 minute chart, similar to these. Did anyone else? Thoughts on the setup?


Juan said...

I have to narrow my focus. Todd, what was your entry on MOBI?

Times of Your Life said...

very nice trades everyone...

Albert said...

Today, 03/24, TSON, 5-minute, break of the 6th bar. Support from a rising 5EMA. Exit at $5 for almost 15%. I owe a lot to this site, thank you much.

Anonymous said...

Juan, it was a break of the 10th bar. Sorry it took so long to answer you. Good luck next week.


Anonymous said...

Exited at 11, btw.