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Friday, April 22, 2011

Meditation follow-up

I read this quote on the MeditationShift blog, and thought it was a nice follow-up (or supplement) to my post on meditating last week:

"Reality is constantly changing; as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, you can't step into the same river twice. Success and failure, gain and loss, comfort and discomfort — they all come and go. And you have only limited control over the changes. But you can exert some control over (and ultimately clarify) your chattering, misguided mind, which distorts your perceptions, mightily resists the way things are, and causes you extraordinary stress and suffering in the process."

- Buddhism for Dummies

Read my original post here.



Ken said...

I am seven days in and enjoying it. Thank you for the push!

Flowtastical said...

Trader X,

Regarding your original post you said you didn't achieve success until you knew the power of positive thinking. Having goals and writing them down daily.

I'm curious.

What are some goals that you had when you were not profitable yet and how did those goals change when you started making money? What made the difference in your transition?

Times of Your Life said...

excellent quote

Trader-X said...

Flow, my goals started out being "make $X daily". I found that to be futile because I was either forcing myself to try and make an arbitrary number, or limiting myself to an arbitrary number. Either way was not good.

I revised my goals to focus more on executing - "I will only trade these setups (obviously I would detail the types of setups)". From there, I would set the goal to have a profitable month - no hard numbers, just profitable. Then the goal was every week was profitable. Then every day. So it was a progression - only trade specific, quality setups, be consistently profitable in longer timeframes, be consistently profitable in shorter timeframes.

Hope that helps.

Flowtastical said...


Thanks. I think all newer traders all start by thinking in terms of making a certain dollar amount only to eventually find out it is the process of trading your strengths that is most important.

I am working on a strength based trading course that I hope to share with everyone when I am done and this "progression to profitability" thought process is definitely a topic in it.