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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RIP Mark Haines

There is not much I like about CNBC...in fact, I haven't watched it in years. But Mark Haines was a reason I watched when I did. He was hard-hitting, didn't take any bullshit, yet also seemed to be a likable guy if you ever got past the gruff exterior. He was a true journalist.

"Cary Grant once told me I was his favorite reporter. Clearly the man was highly intelligent."

RIP Mr. Haines - you were a class act.

edit - this is a good article from Forbes..."Why CNBC's Mark Haines Was Special". At the end of the article is the Erin Burnett tribute, where Mark shows his softer side.



Grove Under said...

Very sad news, I will miss him.

Terry said...

A sad day indeed. RIP.

Roger B. said...

I agree, he was one of the few things worth watching on CNBC.

Tamara said...

RIP Mark Haines.