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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The End Of ERP

For those of you with a background in the enterprise software world, this is an interesting article from Forbes discussing why the big boys like Oracle and SAP are going to have to adapt their business model for new customer demands (ie, subscription based "cloud" services). I'm not sure I agree completely, as there is a pretty wide variance between the demands of individual and smaller groups of consumers vs. large corporate entities, but it is food for thought.

The End Of ERP



George said...

As someone who worked at SAP for almost a decade, I can say they are taking steps to embrace the changing expectations in product and pricing. It will be interesting to see how it plays out in the next 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Hey George, I worked for Oracle for almost just as long and while they have tried to take steps, they usually fall short and still heavily rely on the model pointed out in the article. SAP may have a leg up according to what you say. Either way I agree that the next 5 years will be interesting. IMO, 95% of the companies have their ERP in place and now all these guys (SAP, Oracle, et al) are trying to buy up new companies so they can sell their products to an established client base. You don't see a lot of new ERP sales and ERP replacements any more...not like the late 90s.


scalper said...

ewww... 8 years ago I read ERP textbook all night long when i was student

John said...

I had a homerun with LL today on the Michael setup. Gap down, wide range first bar, second bar narrow range doji (which led me to believe the downmove was stalling). Entered on a break of the second bar's high, rode it to the 8EMA for a little over a dollar gain. Question for Michael and anyone else - would you have taken this setup even though the second bar was slightly red? Thank you in advance.

alternative investment said...

Excellent post. I am a Brit and our company uses salesforce.com which is an online, pure cloud-based software to track sales, accounts etc. Once you learn it, its great and very easy to use. An Oracle or SAP implementation, meanwhile is extremely painful. You have to hire loads of outside consultants to install and implement, and sometimes consultants for the consultants! Read somewhere that Larry Ellison hates the CEO of salesforce.com - no wonder - they are eating Oracle for lunch!

Ron said...

John, I traded this as well. It was like Michael's GDI chart, but the doji was slightly red whereas his was slightly green. Good trade.

joshua said...

I have read that only 50% of ERP implementations are successful due to interoperability problems. Maybe companies are starting to realize it isn't as great as they thought it would be. I wonder what the success rate will be for "the cloud".