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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

JFK vs. Little Ricky



Rob said...

At least he lost Arizona and Michigan.

Tom said...

It's frightening that he is even in the running. What are you guys thinking?

Derrick said...

I agree with the accolades X. Traded a Michael setup today, and netted over a dollar. SODA - entered a break of the 5th bar high, sold at the 8EMA. Reasons for entry - nice rounded bottom, 3rd-5th bars had lower tails, 4th bar wasn't exactly a hammer but it closed green...I waited for 5th bar confirmation since the 4th wasn't perfect.

Derrick said...

Meant to post that last comment on the previous post - I'll do it there as well. Sorry for the double post.

Ken said...

Nice trade Derrick. Thanks for sharing.