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Sunday, February 12, 2012

State of the blog redux

Did I really title the last post "Third time is a charm!"?

Well, if that doesn't jinx the best of intentions, I am not sure what would!

J.D. still wants to submit some guest posts, but has decided that it is too much pressure to do anything on a regular basis. But that's ok, because Michael sent me an email and asked me about re-visiting what I had done in the past, which is basically highlighting reader trades that are posted in "comments"...and a light went off!

Instead of trying to find someone who wants to try their hand at blogging (only to have them decide that once they get into it, it is too much effort for one reason or another), I will just pick one or two trades from "comments" to highlight every week, thus (hopefully) spurring additional comments and additional trades to highlight!

As in the past, if you want something considered simply post it in "comments" - include the basics: your timeframe, moving averages, how you plotted Fibonacci lines if you are using them, why you entered a trade (what did you see?), why you exited a trade, and any "red flags" or things you would have done differently.

Michael is starting off with a few trades from Friday in the next post. Hopefully this will accomplish the goal of me doing as little as possible on the blog, yet keep it from going stagnant!



John said...

Exciting! Thanks for keeping it fresh X.

Robert said...

I'll post one of my trades this week, but I'm not sure it will be worthy of highlighting on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your efforts Trader-X. I have learned so much from this blog and all those who participate. Thank you for keeping it going. I look forward to more charts and discussion.


Anonymous said...

Hi X, how do we post charts or do you do that?


Trader-X said...

Chuck, you can post a chart but I will re-create it so that all the charts on the blog have the same look and feel. If you want to post your own in "comments", try using imgur.com - it's free and easy to upload. Either way, give a detailed explanation per the instructions in the post. Thanks!

Trader-X said...

I should have added, once you upload to imgur.com you can just post the link in "comments".

Ken said...

Great model Trader X, thanks for your efforts. Love this site.