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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Face the Facts: We Are All Headed For an iDisorder

This is a follow-up to my post last week about smartphones.

"It should come as no surprise that we are all hopelessly addicted to our devices, particularly our smartphones. Why shouldn’t we be? We are now able to carry a powerful computer around 24/7 in our pocket or purse. The new “WWW” really means “Whatever, Wherever, Whenever.” And we are all succumbing to its draw. Just look at any restaurant table and you will see phones sitting next to forks and knives. It is normal to see someone pick up a smartphone, tap tap tap and put it back down while in the middle of talking. Is this healthy or are we all headed down a slippery slope toward what I call an “iDisorder.”

An iDisorder is where you exhibit signs and symptoms of a psychiatric disorder such as OCD, narcissism, addiction or even ADHD, which are manifested through your use — or overuse — of technology. Whether our use of technology makes us exhibit these signs or simply exacerbates our natural tendencies is an open question, but the fact is we are all acting as though we are potentially diagnosable."

I'm not sure if people agree, disagree, or ignore because they see these signs in themselves. For me personally, I'm a bit concerned and becoming more aware of my lack of awareness!

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Terry said...

Are you posting this for our benefit or for yours, Trader-X?


Trader-X said...

Terry, a little of both! I see the self inflicted ADD in myself, for sure.