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Thursday, May 03, 2012

ADM - 050112

In the comments of the previous post, there is good analysis of trades in the following ADM chart, including discussion on targets, when to exit, and second entries. There are also many additional trades discussed - I will let you pull those charts up on your own.

Here is the ADM chart - refer to the comments of the previous post for analysis.

I am still enjoying Spring, so posting will be sparse for a while. But that should not keep you from going through, and participating in, the comments section!



Anonymous said...

That second entry looks below the EMAs...would you have taken that?


Times of Your Life said...

yes but if you have a 10 ema, the 2nd entry is supported by the 10 ema....

so if you by chance using consistently 10 ema, you have a very good entry there for a 2nd chance cuz everything line up there perfectly...

but of course it is more risk involve cuz you are using longer trend ema

Tom said...

If you didn't want to take it below the EMAs, there was a nice entry a few bars later supported by them.

Chad said...

Nice trade and comments. Enjoy hearing from other traders.

Anonymous said...

Monday, VRTX, 15-min chart. Fibonacci lines were over the first five bars, and I entered on a break of the 1:30 bar. That bar was a hammer, and was rising off the 5EMA. I sold at the Fibonacci extension.


Daniel said...

Is that 1:30 eastern time? And, is this Tom C.?

James said...

Any of you guys taking shorts? CTSH today, break of the 1:15 bar's low as it closed below the 38.2% retracement. Fell back down to the morning low. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Daniel, yes on EST. No on Tom C.

Tom R!

Anonymous said...

James, nice short. I am about 75% long trading, but that would be the kind of short I would take!

Tom R.

Anonymous said...

Nice u-turn today, Tuesday. 15-min chart, fibs over the first 4 bars. Price climbed back above the morning low at the same time it crossed the 5 and 8EMAs. I entered on a break of the 1:30EST bar. Same time as yesterday's trade - it must be my lucky time! Rode price up to the 61.8% retracement. Nice gainer.

Tom R.