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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Facebook sets IPO price at $38 a share

Any bets on what it will open at, or the high of the first 30 minutes of trading? Closest answer gets the satisfaction of being the closest answer! Read the article here.

There have been a lot of good trades and discussion in the "comments" of the last few posts - I have not had time to cull through them and post charts, but I'll try to get a few up tomorrow or Saturday.



Brian said...

Opens around $80, runs to $100.

Karl said...

I say $78 on the open, $98 for the high.

Tina said...


Terry said...

What's Facebook?

Chris said...

I concur with most guesses. Open around 80, up to 100. The question is, what will it close at?

Warren said...

Chris, I think it closes north of $80.

Mike said...

Amazing: "Facebook has raised $16 billion by selling 421.2 million shares. That's almost 10 times what Google raised when it went public in 2004."

If Facebook follows Google's path, it will be worth it to pick some up today and hold it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just looked back at GOOG. It tripled within a year, and then just went up from there. I might pick up a few hundred shares of FB!


James said...

Looks like a tech gap up this morning in anticipation of the Facebook IPO. It will be a fun day!

Ron said...

Not opening for trading until 11EST. I have a feeling that all of these predictions will be blown out. :)

Martin said...

In years past, I think the projections here would be spot on. But I think the exchanges will use this as an opportunity to show stability and order. Thus, I would guess it will open in the mid-$40s. I do think it has a chance to hit $70ish at the high of the day.

It will be fun to watch, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Bono has a 2.5% stake, and will make more off FB than all of his music combined. He will also pass Paul McCartney as the richest rock star in the world.


Brian said...

You are probably right Martin. If it does open in the $40 range, that will bring in more retail orders though. So it may rocket up even higher as a result.

Chris said...

I was a little off. Martin wins! Seems someone is trying to keep a lid on it at least right now.