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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A trade from Chris...

"CIEN, 15-minute chart, Fibonacci lines over the opening range. Price chopped around the retracement zone and then formed a nice hammer on top of it at 11:45, with support from the 5EMA. I exited at the Fibonacci extension, and re-entered on a break of the 1:30 hammer bar for a "beyond the Fibonacci extension" setup. I exited at $13.50 for a nice gain."



Ronnie said...

Nice trade. I watched it on my list, but didn't take it.

Karl said...

Great trade. Any X readers on Twitter?

David said...

Karl, I've thought about starting a Twitter account to trade ideas about setups. If anyone else is interested, post here and we can if it is feasible.

Sam said...

Nice trade. I am on Twitter - is it cool to post my user name here?

Leo said...

I've avoided twitter for a long time, but I might consider an account if you get something going.

Greg said...

Did this twitter thing go anywhere? If so, please email me and I would like to participate. gregkj@hotmail