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Thursday, May 24, 2012

VMW - 052412

Charles posted this trade in comments - check out his analysis here, as well as other trades and more Facebook talk!



Tom said...

Nice setup!

Anonymous said...

BMC, Friday, 15-minute chart, Fibonacci lines over opening range 3 bars, entry on a break of the 6th bar high. It was a hammer type bar with support from the RZ and the 5EMA. Sold a few hours later at the Fibonacci extension.


T. Pasley said...

VIP (Vimpel), Friday May 25th. 15 minute chart. Opening range plotted over the first 30 minutes with fib extensions. Entered after the break at the 10th bar showing resistance to the 5EMA.It also broke through the opening range here. Used the 9EMA as a trailing stop. Exit at 7.33, but it ended up falling to 7.05.

Also note the wide range first candle.

bl said...

Nice trade. Also 5/15 min doji. PAY Fri 25May nice chart 10/5 min or 5/10 min break short. no pos.

Mike said...

Nice trades Tom and T. Pasley.

Times of Your Life said...

very nice trade...

Anonymous said...

Facebook - look at below!


Anonymous said...

Heikin Ashi candles are a good secondary chart to be looking at when employing this method. Smooths it over.