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Saturday, February 05, 2005

First things first...

Many of you have been regular visitors to my other site for some time. I am now experimenting with this "blog" because it is simpler to post, update, and maintain (not to mention easier for you to read and search). Over the next few months, I will attempt to transition from the existing site to this blog, so you might have to check both until mid-year.

For those of you who are visiting for the first time, here are some FAQ:

Q) Why does this blog exist?
A) Therapy, a creative outlet, entertainment...the reasons are numerous.

Q) What is the purpose of this blog?
A) The title says it best - [to share my] thoughts on the stock market, trading, politics, entertainment, sports, and everything else.

Q) Is this a stock picking site?
A) No! But, I do talk about trades I make, and give some reasons as to why. I am not a registered investment advisor - and I do not make recommendations to buy or sell stocks. You are responsible for your own decisions, and you must perform your own due diligence.

Q) How long have you been trading stocks?
A) Over 12 years. I utilize a methodology I developed based on technical analysis - specifically price analysis and simple Fibonacci analysis.

Here are some resources I recommend for traders and "wanna-be" traders.

Q) What else do you do?
A) I have written most of my life, and my work has been published many times throughout the years. I enjoy writing and discussing a broad range of topics, and sharing my views with others.

Q) What is your writing style?
A) Witty, sarcastic, irreverent! Aside from technical analysis, I enjoy writing about current events and topics that affect all of us.

Q) How often will you post?
A) I will try to post daily, but most likely it will be every other day. However, it could be several times a day. So, I guess the answer is sporadically.

Q) Is it true you are a former Major League Baseball player forced into retirement by the BALCO/steroid scandal?
A) No comment.
10/20/05 edit - it is funny how Bonds STILL denies using steroids, yet everyone around him is going down for steroid-related offenses.
03/14/06 edit - buy the book...Game of Shadows

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