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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

30-minute charts

Long-time readers know that I trade 30-minute charts as well as 15-minute charts. Long-time readers also know that I only post 30-minute charts "sporadically" because I usually get complaints about them being slow and boring. In fact, I would say that 30-40% of the emails I get are asking me about 5-minute charts (which I don't trade), so I try to find some middle ground and usually post 15-minute charts on the blog.

On a side note, you can view my thoughts on timeframes in my post (aptly titled) "My Thoughts on Timeframes".

Anyway, I like to post a 30-minute chart every week or two. VIMC provided a great set-up today that returned over 3%. The entry was low risk - a narrow-range, "hammer like" candle that closed above the OR high. The target was hit on the very next bar.

Check out those 30-minute charts every now and then.

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Javier said...

Your post on timeframes makes much sense. I get my head handed to me on five minute charts.

John said...

I would love to see more of the 30-minute setups.

What percentage of your trades are based on the 30-minute setups vs. the 15-minute timeframe?


Trader-X said...

John - I would say these days 75% are 15-minute, 25% are 30-minute.

See the chart of TEK I posted today for another 30-minute example.