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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Comments on Wednesday's action

X asked me to make a post so anyone interested could discuss Wednesday trades in the comments section.

Hope all is well with the family X.

Tom C.



Ch said...

THX. Bread and butter buy.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

3% on kopn, 6th bar. Get well soon. Victor

5150 said...

PTTS....5th bar break below 1.38 est.

KIM 5th bar break..narrow range and inside.

MMM,,,,currently in on a bread and butter.

George said...

Babysitting STO, AMTD homerun.

5150 said...

Thats supposed to be PETS...not PTTS

Anonymous said...

What is PTTS?

Dana W. from Boston said...


Trader-X, I hope everything is fine with your family. Come back soon and thank you for everything.

BL said...

Looking at the comments only BG PETS were on my premkt gap screen. FUL break of #2-10min bar(no15min as yet. Bailed too soon on this super. I have a gap up and gap down screen with 20 ups and 6 downs, or so, and add/subtract as I see fit. It's alot to wade through. How many candidates do others have? I feel a tad overwhelmed. X mentioned he had 20-30.

Trader-X said...

BL - I actually have a lot more than 20-30 on my daily list, I just focus on the top 20-30 by volume most of the time. My list may have 50, 75, 100 on it in any given day. But, I cannot watch that many, so I try to focus on the top XX amount. If time permits, I will go deeper in the list and glance at those charts.

Also, I have three sources where I get my gaps. Only one - Briefing - is pre-market. The rest I consult after the market opens. Since I usually don't trade until after the first and second bars, there is no rush. If you don't know my three sources, view the FAQ and How I Trade posts.

I hope this helps.