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Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday's action

It was a good day with a few base hit singles.

The best looking trades were a short of ECA into the retracement zone (a.k.a. "bread and butter" sell), and BWNG long.

Take a look at the charts, and I will post my analysis tonight. I hope everyone had a good day.

4:22 EST edit - WMT ended up hitting the target (I traded the 30-minute chart but used the 15-minute high for the OR), and MLS ended up being a good short. All in all, it ended up being a really good day. Look at the charts on your own and I will post a few tonight after 24.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog. DO you post all your trades daily. ANd, how many trades do you make a day?

Trader-X said...

Hey anonymous (post a name! make one up!) - you can find the answer on my FAQ, but to make it simple...no, I don't post all my trades. And, I average around six (round trip) trades a day. Sometimes as high as ten or twelve, sometimes as low as four. I prefer a lower number because it allows me to manage my positions better.

Jerry said...

Just wanted to say you have a great blog. Please keep it up.


Anonymous said...

ah, another Jack Bauer fan :-)


Trader-X said...

Hey Iceman - yes. We have several who read the blog...see last week's post/comments.