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Monday, March 20, 2006

Technical problems

My apologies - I am having technical problems, and cannot access or post charts. Look at the four charts in my previous post and answer the three questions - all but WMT are 15-minute charts.

Hopefully I will have my problems resolved soon.



Tony S. said...

I think we can cut you some slack this one time :)

Regarding BWNG, did you also take an entry above the extension? Thanks.

Paul said...

I am excited to say that I traded WMT today. I am only looking at 30-minute charts now, so there are not as many opportunities. But it does give me more time to make decisions. I entered on the fourth bar when it took out the high of the third bar. I exited at the fibo extension. Good thing as it reversed straight away. I am learning a lot from you, thank you for sharing.

Trader-X said...

Tony - yes, on a break of the high of the ninth bar. Bars seven, eight, and nine closed above the Fibonacci extension, had higher lows and flat tops (some of you would call this a wedge), with bars eight and nine being narrow range, inside bars.

Trader-X said...

Paul - great trade in WMT. Congrats, and stick with those 30-minute charts...they present more opportunities than you realize.