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Sunday, March 12, 2006

More Sopranos...

It was a good beginning - I will not go into specifics, because I know many of you will not see it until later this week. Make sure you watch the last three minutes.

Between that and 24 tomorrow night, I may have to take a day off to recover!!! Many of you emailed me about last week's 24, and I was shocked by Edgar's death. Both episodes were great, and they brought back some of the edginess that 24 has lacked lately; tomorrow night looks promising too.

Here is a good article on Edgar and 24.

And, if you have not seen 24 or The Sopranos, you can always catch up on past seasons:



The Sopranos

Now it's time to get ready for a great trading week!
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Chris said...

Comments rule. 24 is great, and Jack is going to kill that Henderson guy.

Trader-X said...

Yeah he is - the only questions are when and how. It sucks about Tony, though...

Donny said...

RIP Tony.


Trader-X said...

I made it a hyperlink, in order to show the proper respect!

Tommy said...

You have got to talk about The Shield. I am speechless.