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Monday, March 13, 2006

Comments and Monday's action

A crazy morning - I had a power outage so I was behind from the start. TOPT has been interesting - I just closed 1/2 the position and will wait to see how price acts as it tests the morning high. Look at it on your own and answer the three questions; I will post my analysis tonight.

A lot of you guys want me to turn comments on. As many of you know, I had them on when I first started the blog but turned them off because they became inundated with SPAM.

Yes, I know I can moderate the comments - but, as I always say...I trade for a living, I don't write a blog for a living. So, I try to keep the work I do to a minimum so it does not deter from my trading and my personal life.

Having said that, I know the value of having comments so you guys can post set-ups you take and talk to one another, as well as give me feedback in a forum other than email. I think it would be beneficial for readers if some of you regulars could talk about set-ups you take that I miss (and, I miss a lot every day!).

So, I am thinking about it. I may turn comments on and see how much effort it takes to moderate them. I am thinking about doing a trial this week - if interest is minimal and no one posts comments, I will turn them back off.

Stay tuned.

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