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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday's action

I am still focused on a handful of stocks, and am waiting to see how the afternoon action shakes out. Look at these on your own - would you have taken them? Answer the three questions, and I will post my analysis on a few tonight:

NYX - a screamer early on, but in consolidation now (1/2 sold after $1 gain)
EDR - we have discussed this set-up a lot lately - will it make it back to the morning high?
ABM - moving off the bottom - will probably sell at the 34MA
ECA - Fibonacci extension hit
PG - just missed the retracement zone; position closed for a decent gain

> 1:45 (EST) edit - EDR closed (target hit), ABM closed (nice gain), 1/2 NYX still open but I have it on a tight leash.
> 2:45 (EST) edit - NYX closed - target hit; nice gain

And now something funny:

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Anonymous said...

I really dig this intraday post and how you updated it as you closed positions. Will you do this everyday? Thanks for your great blog.

Trader-X said...

Thanks for the kind words.

One thing - when you guys post comments, put in a name. You don't have to put an email address, just put in a first name (or nick name) so we don't have to look at "anonymous".

Regarding your question - no, I cannot do it every day. Trading is my first priority, but if I have the bandwidth and some down time during the day, I always try to post an update. Also, if I have someone working with me (every now and then), I sometimes have them type my thoughts and I don't have to take my mind off trading.

I appreciate the support. And, I will put up a few charts tonight, so check back.

Chris said...

Nice reversal at your target on nyx. Amazing.