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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

F Google AdSense

Well, in about 12 hours I have heard from 5 people directly who have had Google AdSense cut them off in the past few weeks (see my original post here). And, I heard from three times as many people who say they have heard about this happening to someone they know. Thanks for all of the comments and emails.

Again, what really sucks is they disabled my account and said they are not going to issue payments due to me for the past few months. As I said before, it is not a big sum of money - but then I started thinking if Google screws 10,000 site owners out of $100-$150 a piece, it starts to add up. For my part, it is probably around $130-$140. I don't have the time or the energy to pursue it, but I hope someone does.

040506 update - Google sent me instructions on how to dispute my "banishment", and I have submitted my information. I will let you know the outcome.
041706 update - almost two weeks later, and no word from Google.
042406 - I still have not heard from Google, and I sent them another email about the dispute "form" I submitted.
042606 - Google responded via email that they are reviewing my appeal.
043006 - Google sent me an email saying they reviewed my appeal and the are reinstating my account.
050106 - Google sent me another email saying they made a mistake in the last email, and they ARE NOT reinstating my account. They still have not provided any proof as to why they terminated it to begin with; I am very frustrated, and will not devote any more time to this situation. The nameless/faceless people that work at Google are incompetent and worthless. What a joke.

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Anonymous said...

That's a few million in someone's pocket. B.B.

Eric Giguere said...

Google has automated algorithms to combat click fraud, and something happened on your site to trigger those. Have you asked people to click the ads on your site? If so, that's a big problem and cause for immediate termination. However, if that's not the problem then you can certainly appeal the termination/suspension, especially if you can point them to some kind of event that might have caused a lot of traffic to your site and hence generated the suspicious rise in clicks. Some of my readers have been in your situation, through no direct fault of their own, and they've been exonerated and their accounts restored, minus of course the fradulent clicks. Myself, I've lost several hundred dollars to click fraud, too, so it definitely affects everyone. But I'm still a believer...

Trader-X said...

Thanks Eric. I have not told readers to click. And, there is no event that caused a lot of traffic...my traffic has increased steadily month to month, but it is not an unreasonable amount.

My biggest issue is just for Google to shoot first and not provide any explanation or evidence, and shut down my account and say they will not pay me what they owe me. I have contacted them twice to try to discuss, but have not heard back. And, I don't have time to waste to keep contacting them.

I appreciate your comments, but I think it is a bad way to run business.

Anonymous said...


This is a late comment, and Im sure your not with google anymore, but to get reinstated, you might want to search on google or search engines. Email them EVERYday politely. Patience my friend..

It doesn't happen in one week. And if it does, thats a miracle. And when you get reinstated, all your money is back in your account so thats nice to have it back.