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Monday, April 24, 2006

Housekeeping - 042406

I apologize but I have been a bit distracted lately. I have an opportunity that I have been kicking around, and have decided to pursue it. I am going to spend a few weeks in Chicago "consulting" for some people - similar to what I have done in the past for a group out of New York. I cannot get into specifics, as I have signed a non-disclosure - but basically it is teaching how I trade and trading "live". These are not "individuals" hiring me but rather people that work for one organization that is hiring me. To put it simply, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

So, I will be in Chicago starting Wednesday, 04/26 returning to Texas either 05/10 or 05/12.

The blog might suffer a bit, but Tom C. will be making a daily post and putting up a chart or two. I hope readers continue to post their thoughts and trades in the "Comments" section as it benefits everyone. I will also try to put up a post (and comment) when I have time - most likely in the evenings when I am back in the hotel.

Please continue to read and contribute!

Note - the Google search box at the bottom of the page has been replaced by the Technocrati search box on the right...I think you will find it works good (works well?).



Charles (in San Fran) said...

Sounds like a good gig - have fun in Chicago. Hopefully the weather will be nice. Check out KNSY today!

Michael said...

Thanks great man. Enjoy Chicago.

Dave C said...

Congrats on your consulting gig! You will be missed!

Anonymous said...

Check out my homerun of the week, bldp. It closed right on the fibonacci extnension strong, and then exploded.

Thanks for everything and keep posting X! Albert

Terrance said...

Good trade Albert - mine was similar with CMED. What a trade.

Zoomie said...

Enjoy Chicago!! Good time of year to go!!

Barry said...

Good for you X. Best wishes. ERS 5th 10min bar b/o. .20 cent shy of ext at 3:50 pm. Maybe Tues open. I use Scottrade and the 15 min charts
don't work correctly. The 10 min are ok except when scrolling the bars change. Oh well.