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Monday, April 24, 2006

Miss USA

posted by Trader-X:

Since you guys probably will not be thinking much about me during my absence, I figured I would present the new Miss USA for you to think about:

Girls, you can find pictures of Brad Pitt on your own!!!

There are some good trades posted in the Comments section of the last few posts - check them out.

FYI - there have been Blogger problems all day, and there is supposed to be an outage tonight - if you cannot post comments try back late or in the morning.



Anonymous said...


David said...

That's hot.

Rich said...

Rumor has it Trader-X is dating her, and he is going to Mexico for two weeks...Chicago is just his cover story.

Trader-X said...

If I were dating her I would not have the time or motivation to write a blog. Or work at all. Or eat. Or sleep.

24 is coming on in 30 minutes. I am watching "Deal or No Deal", and these contestants are the stupidest people I have ever seen. They would make terrible traders.

Dave C said...

I couldn't believe that woman did NOT take the $48k offer. There were only 4 amounts left that were more than the offer (and 16 that were far less). Do the math people!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, Miss America never looked that good 30 years ago. Times change.

Anonymous said...

Damnit, I didn't realize the trading day started. I was staring at this picture.