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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Required viewing

posted by Trader-X:

I hope everyone is having a good week. I am posting to tell you all that reader and friend Barry Sigismondi is going to be on Desperate Housewives this Sunday.

"You'll see me playing a priest - football coach in the school
gymnasium during a pep rally when Eva Longoria comes in
to deliver her own message..........."

Barry has managed to appear on many of my favorite shows. Check out his website, and make sure to show support by watching!

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Barb said...

That's cool. I'll watch!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Chris

Barry A. said...

That is cool. I will watch...from one Barry to another!

Charles (in San Fran) said...

I have to Tivo it, because I am addicted to a show on another network, but I will catch it!

NoGreedNoFear said...

I love that show and never miss an episode ! Trading & acting... Very smart.

Congrats Barry !


Ed said...

Barry, you have a great resume. My wife is addicted to DH, and you have been on many of my favs as well...The Shield, CSI, Boston Legal, The Practice...several David Kelley shows. That is great.

Trader-X said...

posted by Tom C:

Very cool indeed. You have been on some of the best shows!