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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday's action

posted by Tom C:

Crazy morning - lots of opportunity. AET was a great short. Post your thoughts and trades.

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Dave C said...

AET was a GREAT trade, unfortunately I didn't get in on it! I even had it on my "hotlist." I think I forgot about it :( Nonetheless, it wasn't a complete down day.

LMNX break off 2nd bar. Hit both the 38 and 62 percent extensions. Was a little worried about volume though.

BDC break off 4th bar. Little stagnant.

TMG was a scratch.

5150 said...

Yea...what a morning.....played DADE long on break of 2nd bar and shorted NCR on fib extension break.....Great site...keep up the great work

Zoomie said...

BDC also off 4th bar. Managed some gain. MDT long off 3rd bar, scratch trade as it wasn't goin anywhere fast. In hindsight that was a very weak first bar. I thought gravestone doji-ish (2nd)candle looked good. Guess not. Any comments welcome!!

Trader-X said...

posted by Tom C:

that first bar on MDT was wayyy to wide range for me.

Anonymous said...

FNF...was a "B" set-up as X would say, but ended up working nicely. Tag

Charles said...

HOT was good, and 13th bar above the Fibonacci extension on LYO.

Trader-X said...

I saw BDC, but that first bar also looked too wide range for me. It worked out though, with some big swings. Ace