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Monday, May 01, 2006

Message from Trader-X

To all readers - I get numerous emails that reference "Trader-X e-books" or other products that people think I sell.

Please note, I do not sell anything. Everything I do is in this blog, and I do not have any courses, software, books, et cetera. I know there are several other sites and blogs using the name Trader-X. I am not associated with any of them; I do not sell anything.

Don't spend your hard-earned money on something you think I "produced". If you have money to spend, and want a recommendation from me (trading-related), visit my "Resources" page! If you want non-trading related recommendations, see "More about Trader-X" (which I need to update).


I am going to add all my Blogger links using BlogRolling and will post it in the sidebar. I have previously listed blogs I read on my "Resources" page - check it out. But the BlogRolling method will make it easier for you guys to see, click, and visit.

Having said that - if you have a blog and read me often, shoot me an email so I can review your site and - if appropriate - add you to my BlogRoll:
(traderxblogREMOVETHIS[AT]yahoo[DOT]com; or if you cannot crack that code, just click "Email" on my Profile page)

If you are already on my "Resources" page, don't worry - you will be added to the list (damnit, quit bugging me Mark Cuban).

And if you enjoy my writing and have your own blog, I would appreciate a link back. Every few weeks I make a really good post, so I think it would be worth it!

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