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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday's action

posted by Tom C:

Great interview X!

My best trade of the morning was CHH, on a break of the 2nd bar low. I admit it was not a textbook set-up - you would probably rate it a "C" because of the lower tails. But it made a nice move to the 1/2-way point between the OR low and the Fibonacci extension.

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Anonymous said...

AMZN was a nice short. Anyone?


Gaptrader88 said...

Need some help! I traded IDTI with the break of the OR on the 4th bar,was about to put a auto stop but didn't. Tgt was hit on next fib ext. at 11:45 am. I would of got shaken out with the auto, these fake whips on the candles would of tigger stops. what is the best way to put stops in.


Jim C said...

gt88 - By auto stop, I assume you mean a trailing stop at a fixed distance from recent highs. Here are some thoughts... If you entered on BO of OR during 4th 15min bar, you could have placed initial stop below low of entry bar, then move below retracement lows after they formed. A better stop strategy would have been to stop out on any 15min close below OR. The lowest risk entry was trading BO of 7th 15min bar high with stop below low of 7th. Hope this helps.

Clive J said...

Hi T.J,

This was THE big news of the day.
At just after 08:00 I went short at $28.85 on a break of the 3rd 1min-bar low, covering at $28.02. This is my "Early Bird" trade I've developed.

After 09:30, I looked for a more orthodox entry, and shorted it on the break of $27.50 using the 15min chart (8th bar). I exited after $1.00. I normally trade in a more "X" fashion, but I deal with stocks like AMZN, DELL etc a bit differently on big-news days.

Did you short it as well?

Clive J