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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cool stuff

  • Ta-da Lists - Do you use "ToDo" lists? Do you NEED to use "ToDo" lists? I try to stay organized and have used them in one form or another for the past decade. I recently stumbled across this online resource that is free and works great for me. It allows me to create multiple lists - I have one for "Blog", one for "Errands", one for "Exercise", et cetera. It is easy to get an overview of your tasks and add/edit them. And since it is online, you can access your lists from any computer.
  • Digg.com - This is really cool because I like reading what other people think is important. And I like to easily vote on what I think is (or is not) important. That is Digg.com in a nutshell. It is quickly replacing my other news services as my favorite. Register for free and start "digging".
  • Here is something for people in the U.S. (actually - people outside the U.S. may do better!). Can you pass a third grade geography test?
  • Finally, I was catching up on Cuban's blog and this post made me laugh my ass off because I just dealt with the same thing last weekend.
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Michael said...

You should set Digg as your home page! That would be very Web 2.0 of you. ;-)

Trader-X said...


I could never abandon MyYahoo!. Unlike SOME people!

Michael said...

You know what's funny, both you and MaoXian assumed that my home page was MyYahoo. I never said that in that post. Actualy my own blog was my home page. Bloglines took the place of MyYahoo a couple of years back for me, as far as where I go for the latest & greatest info.

The only thing I really used on MyYahoo was the portfolio trackers. It's easier for me to just go to Yahoo Finance directly.