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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hump day

And hopefully no technical problems.

Go make some good trades, and feel free to post in "Comments".

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UmLioh said...

Where is everybodY?

Trader-X said...

People come and go! It was a decent day, and I will post a chart or two tonight.

Anonymous said...

Bought SIGM past the 2nd 15min bar high, which was an inside bar and a decent hammer, although below the OR high. Initial stop was 11.35 but moved it to 11.43 below the third 15min bar low. Ended up selling at 11.50 after it seemed to have stalled around the OR high. Bad decision in hindsight as it hit the Extension during the 4th bar.

Alex M.

Chris said...

I shorted MT as broke down from the 4th bar. Not exactly an X trade, but an X-inspired trade!