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Friday, August 25, 2006

It's Friday!

posted by Tom C:

I have been gone most of the week, so I hope to find some good set-ups today. Check back this weekend for charts. I also have some "longer-term" analysis and charts that I hope to post this weekend.

Have a great weekend, and feel free to post your trades.




Rarefactor said...

MDTL, 4th 15 min bar.

Rarefactor said...

heh, the CORT one would have returned 40%+ already!

estocástica said...

Great trade rarefactor! Low risk entry above the Fib extension.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Rarefactor said...

HOKU setup nicely on the 3rd 15 min bar, I missed that one

MDTL I traded much smaller than usual on it, the low volume made me wary, but I got a great fill on the bid side.

sung said...

CORT 30min. Break of third candlestick. Inside hammer candlestick.

KayakHandy said...

Long CKFR on a combination of the 30 and 15 min. chart at $34.72. Took half off the table at the Fib Ext. of 34.96 Just got out of the rest at 34.45 but the stock looks like it wants to run higher.

CORT was on my watchlist but I blew it because I just did not like it's past liquidity...stupid me.

Also went short OVTI on the break of the 6th. And now just adjusted the stops a little lower. Just hit the Fib ext. Out of half the position.

I am having trouble picking the best trades lately. My R/R ratio is not making me happy...Most of my trades are working in my favor but the last few days the reward has been slim compared to what you guys are seeing but I am missing.

Rarefactor said...

Kayakhandy, the last week or so has been much more difficult to me as well..I didn't really like the feel of the market so I traded much smaller, even not making any trades two of the days this week.

Trader-X...or anyone for that matter..I watched VRTX for the *entire* day..can someone see a good entry for the trade? I almost took the 7th 15min bar, but it looks like the 15th 15min bar was the one.

Anonymous said...

PEIX - 4th bar was a nice hammer but 13th and 14th bars were nice set-up above the Fib ext. It took off with bar 15 and you could have gotten $1.


Anonymous said...

Should have been VRTX.