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Friday, August 25, 2006

INET and random things

If you are a regular reader, you know I use INET - specifically the "INET Top Lists" - as one of my resources to find gaps.

Many of you also know that INET is going to start charging for their book viewer on September 1st; but "Top Lists" will still be free. You will have to go to the new NASDAQTrader.com site, so update your bookmarks. Click here for the new url.

Note - for more information on how I find gaps, click here.

I have talked about Brett Steenbarger's book and site in a previous post, and he appears on my BlogRoll. He has a great post up about blogging and the "blogosphere", and generously mentions our site. Check it out.

Today's action was kind of choppy - especially in energy/oil and gas gaps. I had a nice percentage gainer in HOKU, and am still watching a few things. Check back Sunday for charts.

And PLEASE read the post on "Comments" etiquette.

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dan said...

caught HOKU, too. rode BDCO for +3r, sold and it continues up =)

was that a good trade to take, x, tom c.?


NABNALB said...

I caught HOKU, for all of about 3 seconds. As soon as my order triggered, I placed the "stop" that I had prepared ahead of time, only it wasn't a stop, it was a limit order! I have never done that before. I swear, can't win for tryin this week. Losses I can take, but something boneheaded like that...

John Wheatcroft said...

Nabnalb - if a mistake can be made in a trade I have made it (and I believe most everyone else has too). I've bought when I wanted to sell and sold when I wanted to buy.

Had XMSR for awhile (off the third bar) but bailed before the top - this choppy crap has me so spooked I don't know what I'm doing half the time.

If all goes well with my PEIX trade (an energy play off the tropical storm) I will finish this week exactly where I started. And that just sucks. Still a break even is better than a loss. At least I learned some things.

Have a good weekend everyone. See you next week.

Brant said...

I caught HOKU as well... ISLE was my other big winner today. Today seemed to be the only decent day for me this week.

That stinks on the INET news. I regularly use booktrader to see how liquid a stock is before I trade it. Thanks for the heads up.

5150 said...

VRTX break of 30 min 7th bar and rite to fib extension....

Gaptrader88 said...

Hi X and Tom C.,
On Thurs trade with XRTX, if you had gotten in on the break of the NR 5th bar, would you have used the high of the 4th bar as a stop or is that too much risk?

Thanks Guys.

Trader-X said...

posted by Tom C:

re: XRTX - personally, I would have. The 5th bar was flat - you don't see that too often.

NABNALB said...

Regarding INET, guess I misunderstood- I wasn't expecting the toplists to become worthless (no % change column)!

Kirk posted this link on his site about a week ago:

Trader-X said...

nabnalb - I sent an email to my inet contact and am waiting to hear...I cannot imagine why they would leave off that column.

HT said...

Has anyone been able to find a new pre-market gap list?