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Friday, September 01, 2006

Spot the trade

posted by Tom C:

X started a new feature last week called "Spot the trade"! I thought I would add this week's installment.

Answer the three questions on your own.

And, note the "potential" 2nd set-up above the Fibonacci extension.

Everyone have a great THREE-DAY weekend!

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F.G.R. said...

Nice, I traded VTS off the 4th bar. A beauty.

F.G.R. said...

30 min on VTS.

BL said...

PTRY-wide 1st bar closing at the high/break of the 2nd bar hammer. Exit 1/2 at ext and 1/2 at 8th bar break. Noticed this stock kept coming up on day highs for the first hour plus. Might be a good screen just look for first hour highs with hammer formations.