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Friday, September 01, 2006


What a way to finish your career - by giving the crowd some of the most thrilling tennis they will ever see!

Hats off to Marcos Baghdatis. And we get to see Agassi play at least one more time.

Finish the week strong, and feel free to post your thoughts and trades in "Comments".

And if you live in Houston and are interested in Counting Crows and The Goo Goo Dolls, send me an email by market close today.

Charts this weekend.



downtowntrader said...

Do you play tennis?
Also, MNST 3rd 15 minute Bar and PAY 3rd Bar.


Anonymous said...

Took $1 out of RIG, break of 3rd bar, 30-min chart.


Trader-X said...

DT - yes. I played in school and play for fun now - but not enough.

downtowntrader said...

Nice, I played in High School (all county in fact) but never get the chance to play anymore. If you're ever in South Florida and want to play a set or two, let me know.


KayakHandy said...

I was disgusted with the crowd at main court!!!!

Yes, it's Andre's house but we could have shown Marcos some respect during play.

But Marcos played the crowd right and showed what it means to have integrity. The next time Marcos comes to New York he will be a crowd favorite and he deserves it.

IMHO both players had some real bad points to thier games...Marcos could'nt hit a back hand and Andre was showing some major speed and accuracy problems. Some GREAT volley play made for a nice match.

It was very good of Mac to honor Andre along with Marcos...showed some real class.

I hope Andre wins against his next oponent but I think Becker will beat him.

Tag said...

Hey Kayak, I disagree about the crowd. They did the same to ANdre's first opponent, but at the end of the match they gave both opponents a big ovation and showed them respect and appreciation.

Thats part of the game! The crowd is pulling for Andre, and that is part of his advantage.

Saturday will be good. Funny to see B. Becker on the board.

Trader-X said...

I will downtowntrader. But you would probably smoke me!