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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday's charts

posted by Tom C:

Sorry guys - I was supposed to post charts yesterday, but had a situation that came up and prevented me from doing so.

Here is a trade I DID NOT make, but was posted about in "Comments". I thought it was a great chart, and I will have to re-evaluate how wide is "too wide" on the first bar. RFIL, 30-minute chart:

I did trade NTGR. The entry was a break of the 4th bar high, which was the NRM and above the OR high. The only problem with NTGR is there was not a lot of room to the Fibonacci extension (of the previous day's low to the OR high); I was banking that it would break through that level - had it not done so, I would have closed the position quickly.

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Gaptrader88 said...

XMSR might be a good trade off the 3NR bar on a 15min chart. Answer the 3 questions.

w said...

For Thu, UAHC, 2nd 30 minute bar break.

EM said...

HANS - break of the 7th bar high. Running to the Fib. ext.

DIOD - break of the 4th bar high. Looking to get out at the mid-point to the Fib. ext.

Anonymous said...

New to this blog...have learned so much in the last few days! Played HANS on the break of the 5th 30 min bar.