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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Welcome to Wednesday

And the Yankees are doing great!

Have a good day trading, and feel free to post in "Comments".

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Spence said...

You really like your links don't you X?

Technology problems are keeping me from trading today. I hope everyone is making $$$. Love the blog.

Trader-X said...

My links kick ass!!!

Seriously, everyone should be interested in what I am - be it entertainment, sports, news. So check them out.

And, del.icio.us is great.

EM said...

X... I notice you don't post a lot of trades that didn't work out. Is it that you just don't lose on trades that often or don't see the value in posting them? I think your insight on trades that didn't work out would be just as valuable as you posting trades that work.

Thanks for the blog. I'm in CAL right now on a break of the 3rd bar high but looking for an out right now. Newman!!!!

EM said...

Sorry... entered on break of 2nd bar high.

Jose V said...

BDK, break of the 9th bar 15 min chart. Ascending Triangle Pattern, all bars close above the middle of the OR. Fib Ext hit 5 bars after.

Trader-X for Stock Pimp of 2006!!
Good trading all

ExEngineer said...

Anybody trade RFIL or IMAX?

5150 said...

EM ...great point. I learn so much from loosing trades. We should have a week were we all post ONLY our loosing trades and answer 3 questions....Anyway I had ACXM break of 3rd bar 15 min...I love those double inside bars....

Charles (in San Fran) said...

RFIL here, 30-minute chart, break of 3rd bar high. Missed IMAX.

Zoomie said...

Played LEH, break of 3rd 30 minute bar. Sold too soon :).

Sameer said...

I disagree about the losers. I know what they look like, I trade them weekly. lol

I want X to show me what I should be focusing on.

And I always analyze my trades...aka, answer the three questions...on my own.

Anonymous said...

X has addressed that subject many times. If you have a losing trade you think is something he would have traded, post it here for analysis.


OSU fan said...

I am like Whitney on crack, and I need some charts. X? Tom C? Come on!