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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Good Karma and Amazon.com

I usually make my "Good Karma" push at the beginning of November (so you will see another post then). Long time readers know what Good Karma is, but here is a brief explanation:

"I freely share my knowledge and materials, and enjoy communicating with all of you through the blog and via email. There are no strings attached, but I do ask that if you receive any benefit from my writing or gain knowledge that helps you make money, that you consider giving something back.

Make a donation to Good Karma 2006, and that money will help others all year long. My main focus for the past few years has been "adopt a family" projects - with 2005 allowing me (and you) to pass the double digit mark in families that we helped during Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season."

Last week I received an email from Terry A. that served as a catalyst for this post (thanks Terry!). If you do not want to (or have the capacity to) give directly to "Good Karma", a way that you can give indirectly is to make any purchases at Amazon.com by going there from a link on this blog. Click on any Amazon.com link, and make your purchases as you normally would (you don't have to buy the product in the link you click on - just use the link to get to Amazon.com). It does not cost you any more money, and "Good Karma" will get a percentage.


Note - all advertising dollars generated from this site go to "Good Karma". And, I personally match all dollars donated and generated on at least a 2 to 1 basis.

"Good Karma 2006"


Randal said...

Good idea and I will do all my Amazon orders through you!

Kyle said...

Cool. I just want to say that I like how you keep your blog un-cluttered of ads. There is one every now and then, and it is usually in relation to a topic you are talking about. It is refreshing, because many of the blogs I go to have so many ads you have to wade through them to get to the content.

Kudos, and I have you down for all future Amazon purchases.

Donny said...

X, I live in Houston and would also like to donate some of my time. Can you use an extra body?

Trader-X said...

Thanks guys! Donny - that's great. Email me with contact info.

J said...

You have a great blog. Pls help to add my blogs to yuor link.Thanks !