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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Office - Wallstrip style!

Wallstrip.com has been up about two weeks, and today's installment is the best. If you are a fan of "The Office", you will love it. I have never seen anything so spot on. Great job guys.

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Jose V said...

Hi everyone, I take a good one on BG. Enter on the break of the 3rd bar high. I liked the consolidation in the 2nd and 3rd bars. She gaves another entry on the break of the 9th bar high ,hammer on the midway to the fib ext.
Chart on 15 min bars
Hope everyone is doing well

Jose V said...

Hey Trader-X, was LLL on 15 min chart an "U setup"

Trader-X said...

I have to defer to the great contributor, Tom C...he coined that term I think. I have been drinking today, so who knows...

Tom C?

estocastica said...

Drinking already? Did Lindsay decline your marriage proposal? If so, I'm sorry man, I'd be drinking too I guess. Just so you know, the Trader-X community is here to support you through these tough times.

I love The Office (especially the British version) so I also found the WallStrip segment very funny.

Trader-X said...

lol. It is a special occassion today - I won't elaborate.

The jury is still out on Lindsay's acceptance of my love!

Wallstrip was great today - whoever that guy was, he did a great job. And of course Lindsay was superb.

R.J. said...

Great video today Wallstrippers.

X, just wanted to comment on your bad ass search engine at the top. Nice addition to the blog, it even searches comments.

Will said...

Re: drinking today- I just got in and had my first couple o' beers while catching up on the RSS feeds. My personal occasion is like the old Eagles song... "four that want to own me, two that want to stone me, one says she's a friend of mine"; here's to your special occasion as well [beer bottle clinks against monitor]