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Friday, November 24, 2006

Gamers - VOTE!

Poll results:

What is the best game experience for the money?

Xbox 360 - 59.6%
PlayStation - 17.3%
Classic Atari - 15.4%
Nintendo - 7.7%


Anonymous said...

I fear that if I get an Xbox, I will spend all my time with and neglect trading and my family.


Chris said...

I think that is a legitimate concern for me also.

Trader-X said...

I agree. That is one of my worries...

Flatwallet said...

Early on it did affect it as I would take a break in the afternoons. BUt now there are days I forget it's there.

X, consider the Nintendo Wii. I saw their new controller set and it seems very interesting. Almost like motion sensor gaming.